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Tu interviews the infamous, Andy Erickson.

Which side dish or dessert best describes you and why?

Fries, they are salty and slightly crunch but soft on the inside and liked by all.

If you had one epic dinner party, what one person or band would you invite from each music decade, 70's, 80's, 90's?

I have to go with the 70s Rolling Stones—early 70s. This was the best Rock and Roll ever, and those guys were in their prime in every way. From the 80s I’d invite U2, mainly because I loved all of their music. Not sure what they would be like at dinner, Keith Richards might even sucker punch Bono only because he deserves it. Then I’d throw in the 90s Red Hot Chili Peppers just for some spice! Not sure what kind of wine we’d serve, or whether it would even be appropriate or necessary.

What's the perfect drink for today at 6:00 PM in 72 degree weather?

Campari & soda with a squeeze of orange.