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Tasting at the Mohawk X Stan Bitters Opening.

June 2 | Derek Galkin

We had the pleasure of pouring the new release of ROOM wines at the Mohawk X Stan Bitters opening. 

Stan Bitters is a cultural icon in mid-century architecture. His large scale works include ceramic wall murals, sculptures, fountains and garden pathways. Stan Bitters' work has also been featured as a part of the prestigious California Design series of exhibitions and annuals that chronicled art and design in California from 1954 - 1976.

Don't worry, it's not too late. You can not only view the Stan Bitters exhibit though July 28th 2018, you can browse Mohawk General Store's amazing curation of summer goods for both men and women. If that doesn't work, we've attached a few photos from the event. Enjoy!

Pam Shamashiri of Commune Design and Stan BittersSal Masekela, Jamie Ward, Derek Galkin and Jonathan Ward of Icon 4x4