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Shroom Hunting with Jessica

Mar 11 | Jessica Tarpy

EXPLORATION: Shroom Hunting with Jessica

After the first few rains during the fall, when harvest has worked into your schedule with an athletic, long-distance pace, my first thought is: Porcini time! King Boletes, Cep, Boletus edulis!




Call ‘em what you like! My mushroom mentor chimes in over text and we joke, “They are falling from the sky!” And we wax poetic about how we will have a magical picnic in the misty forest, with pumpkin soup, pain de campagne and country paté - tastes of the season - and bring home a bounty like never before. The yield varies, but the dream never dies. My favorite thing to do is to snap photos of the odd mushroom: the forest floor mimics the wilds of the sea floor with brightly colored caps, transferring energy from dappled light and living in a copacetic, albeit occasionally parasitic, symbiosis for only the eyes of the those who are receptive and searching diligently. Proceed joyously at your own risk. Everything you need to know about shrooms...