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A Chat With Hana-Lee Sedgwick

Oct 30 | Hana-Lee Sedgwick


IN YOUR ROOM: Vol. 1, Hana-Lee Sedgwick

Hana-Lee Sedgwick is a Santa Barbara-based wine, food, and travel writer and consultant, as well as the owner of Wander & Wine, a blogspace for vinophiles and adverturers alike. For travel tips, food pairings, and guides for vineyards across California and beyond, visit Wander & Wine.




What’s playing in your room?

It bounces between Bob Marley and Reggae music to chill tunes by Ray LaMontagne and Amos Lee, but sometimes I’ve gotta throw some Hall & Oates in the mix!


What’s your favorite place to explore?

Everywhere! I’m naturally a pretty curious person so exploring is in my DNA, but my favorite way to experience a place is through its food and wine. You can learn so much about a city/region/country by the food and wine scene – plus, who doesn’t like to eat and drink! While it’s much more enjoyable to explore firsthand, I can also easily get lost in a cookbook or geeky wine book exploring a place through visuals and words.  


What would you pair your ROOM wine with?

A sunny Saturday afternoon out on the patio, listening to music, laughing with friends and enjoying a homecooked meal. Though, a beach picnic with some snacks as the sun goes down sounds pretty darn great, too.


What’s your favorite piece of art in your space?

I was a Studio Arts major in college with an emphasis on painting, but I did this print in a printmaking class that has remained one of my favorite pieces. It’s a simple palm tree and ocean scene printed in black and white, but it just makes me happy. It also serves as a little reminder to find some time here and there to be creative.


What are you working on in your space?

Wordsmithing. At the moment, I’m actually working on a magazine article.


Where are you going (with that bottle of wine)?

As a writer and consultant, my life revolves around meetings, coffee dates, winery tours and restaurant visits, then finding the time to sit down and write, not to mention being a mom to a 10-month-old. Needless to say, I find myself on the go a lot. So tonight, I’m planning to go nowhere. Time to open up that bottle of wine, put on some music, cook dinner and enjoy the moment with a glass (or three) of wine.