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A Glimpse Into Elsie Goodwin's ROOM

Feb 25 | Elsie Goodwin

IN YOUR ROOM: Vol. 3, Elsie Goodwin

The perfect girls night: good friends, a bottle of AlbariƄo and a macrame workshop by Reform Fiber's Elsie Goodwin. Here is a sneak peek into her creative ROOM.

What are you working on in your space?

Macrame, always macrame.

Intimate rooms or expansive spaces?

Intimate rooms for sure, I am of the less is more.

Where are you going with that bottle of wine?

To the kitchen! My husband cooks on Sunday nights and I sit and watch with a glass of wine in hand while our daughters play; windows open, music on, it is magic and has become our favorite part of the week.

If you could travel...

I'd go back to a few different places in time; falling in love, getting married, having a newborn and then another one. Those are the memories I hold closest.

Who would you like to share your room with?

My husband over and over again, there isn't anything better than talking over a glass of wine, dreaming, planning, reminiscing.